— learning of English and other foreign languages ​​on Skype

Polyglot online school: foreign language in a new way

There are NO secrets in a process of learning of foreign language. But there are rules you can follow and it helps you to learn foreign language much faster. Polyglot online school is glad to sound them:

Rule No. 1: strong teacher.

Too many things depend on the teacher in learning of foreign language. A teacher as if he or she was a compass, helps not to go astray. Thanks to your tutor, you go at strictly planned course, submitting English or any other foreign language successfully.

There is a strongest teaching staff in our school. We work with more than 100 professional teachers among whom there are a lot of native speakers from different countries of the world. Studying a language with them allows achieving an exact and clear pronunciation, the correct and natural grammar, rich and expressive lexicon.

Rule No. 2: regular communication with a native speaker

Colloquial practice is necessary to learn foreign language. Live communication of the pupil and the teacher happens by means of the Skype program at our school.

Be sure, it is quite real to learn English online, German, Spanish or any other language. The proof is that there are thousands people who already subdued a foreign language together with us!

At Polyglot online school all main languages of the Old and New World are studied:

  • English on Skype
  • German on Skype
  • French on Skype
  • Italian on Skype
  • Spanish on Skype

Why is Skype?

  1. It is convenient. Training by Skype – unique format of learning foreign language when a pupil and a teacher are territorially removed from each other. Where can you find the Spaniard who will help you to master the Spanish online?
  2. It is available and effective. English, French, German or Italian on Skype is one of the most available ways of learning foreign language. Group and individual occupations are much more expensive. But they concede to online lessons by their efficiency.
  3. It is simple. To become a polyglot, you need only the computer, connection to the Internet and Skype.

During the first lesson you will feel that to speak a foreign language is more fascinating and more interesting, than to cram the rule monotonously. Be convinced – sign up to a free lesson right now!

The unprecedented offer from Poliglot online school:

Take some FREE trial lessons,
choose the teacher,
who you feel comfortable to work with!

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